About Bumpa

Bumpa’s Blowgun began in a small town in southern Minnesota when Bumpa decided to make Christmas gifts for his 4 Grandchildren. The blowguns were a hit!

The Christmas dinning room was turned into a shooting range and everyone got involved. Everyone had so much fun! This inspired Bumpa, over the next few years, to begin making and developing blowguns, which became an enjoyable hobby while he worked as a Pastor and
developed a Campus ministry.

Bumpa’s daughter Ruthie is a real estate agent and got very excited about the possibilities of a family business. With Dad’s cash, a pile of blowguns, and a couple friends, she headed to the Chicago Toy Fair. The blowguns were a smashing success. She texted her Dad from the Fair: “I would be glad to do this full time…we are having a blast!”. Out of the 150 exhibitors, theirs was the busiest in the show!

At a company “staff” meeting in a local coffee shop Bumpa and Ruthie drew an incredulous stare from a woman after overhearing Ruthie say something like. “Dad, I think we need one thousand guns in our basement before we do this thing!” Bumpa says, “I caught her staring at us just five feet away and I assured her that we were producing sport blowguns that shoot foam darts. We did not make a sale, but we did stay out of jail!”

Bumpa loves his four children and now eleven grandchildren. He has written and had published a children’s song book before becoming a Pastor. Now the bulk of his time is spent encouraging and speaking to college students and young adults on how faith intersects life and love. One of his favorite things to do is counsel with and officiate weddings of the students.

Bumpa’s wife Stella, of 42 years, patiently and affectionately refers to him as Peter Pan…never quite growing up.